With Heroes and Friends

I’m going to be fifty next year, and one of the coolest things about that is that I’ve had a long time to make friends. I’ve got friends I’ve known since God was a Boy, I’ve got friends I’ve never met in person, I’ve got friends who have only come into my life in the past year or months or weeks.

They all bring something different to my life, and I hope I bring something to theirs. I know that we all have different depths of meaning toward one another, but those are less important than the positive things they bring to me.

Some people have friends they fight with and make up with and snark at hither and yon digitally. I don’t understand that at all. I want people around me who bring something, they bring not just friendship, but they help inspire me to be a better version of me. They make me laugh, they bring me joy, they fill my life with the things that are different from my own – letting their exotic and different experiences widen my world view.

I’m so very lucky to have my friends, who are too numerous to name. They make not just my world a better place – but other’s also. People who support you, laugh with you, cry with you, and are there for you without you asking are the best sort of friends.

I heard this song today while flipping channels and it made me stop because FIRST it’s Randy Travis and I love him and then I started hearing the words – and it occurred to me that maybe I’m lucky – but my friends are both, heroes and friends.

Then I watched the video and cried, because Roy Rogers was my Mom’s all time favorite, and she was my hero and friend before any of you.

Anyway, for all my heroes and friends.



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