Sometimes I’m Silly

In fact, a huge amount of the time, I’m silly. I can’t really explain it except to say that my mother was silly and we come from a long line of silly people. I like weird stuff. I like the inane and the bizarre. I like things like…candy sushi.


Obviously, from the thin slices of Swedish Fish and octopus you can tell that this is actually sashimi. But I am allowing a bit of leeway in traditions of construction because who am I to get in the way of creativity?


Miles chose to construct his carefully using a traditional style. He’s a sashimi purist. Note the very expensive Sashimi knife – I think that’s a yanagiba, right?


Charlie however went Sashimi Nouveau and took the ingredients for two pieces of sashimi and squashed them together. Then he promptly ate them so I couldn’t take a photo. He did say the word picture though, so that counts.


Louis begrudgingly participated because he wanted to eat the octopus. At least he participated, right?

Tako Sashimi

While the kids slapped gummy candies on their beds of carefully prepared rice (rice krispie treats) I decided to up my game and ACTUALLY roll some sushi…


Yeah, my skills are second to none.

Chef Morimoto, eat your heart out.


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