The One Where I Get Acupuncture


It was nothing like that.

I have to admit I’m pretty impressed. I read a ton about it and I talked to someone I couldn’t afford AT ALL (like wow no you sound amazing but WOW NO). I found an acupuncturist that got really good reviews and then I did what any self respecting suburbanite would do.

I bought the Groupon.

It was actually really pleasant.

Because of this stupid plantar fasciitis in my foot I’ve been effectively sidelined from moving. I have turned into this person who does their best not to walk anywhere. I’m a far cry from the person who used to spend their day planning when they were going to run and if they were going to squeeze in ANOTHER work out too.

I can barely freaking walk.

Every step is like stepping on glass.

I’ve been to the orthopedic surgeon. I went to my own doctor. I have the stretches (and I do them). I’ve had the shot into the bottom of my foot (which by the way is a nightmare). I’ve DONE ALL THE THINGS.

My own doctor and the orthopedic surgeon did the mumbling “Surgery is a last resort but I don’t recommend it because it’s a really long recovery AND it’s not a certain fix. Frequently the condition returns.”


That’s when I started looking at alternative medicine and the concept that jamming needles into my body might actually help me out.

Turns out, it might.

I started out on my stomach with needles in my back and hips and feet. Seems that my bursa sacs are inflamed, and my muscles in my back were incredibly tight. This is most likely from not moving for weeks on end. With needles implanted he added heat and electricity and a really nice sensation started happening.

It was incredibly relaxing.

I flipped over and got lots more needles including on my head for my stress and then more electrical pulses and more heat. At some point during the second round, I fell asleep. I only figured this out when he startled me opening me the door to return.

Nothing is an instant fix, but the first thing I noticed was I was able to slip my shoe on without pain.

I can’t remember the last time putting my shoes on wasn’t a sharp shooting pain up my Achilles tendon.

I have three more sessions (thank you Groupon) and then we’ll sort out if I need more. I have this feeling I may not, however.

I’m ready to get back to life again. At this rate I’m going to turn into Jabba if I don’t.



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